203-628 Kinghorne Mews, Vancouver, British Columbia

modern exclusive & private waterfront home


on yaletown waterfront 

3 BR  3 BA



A remarkable residence by the water’s edge, 203 SILVER SEA offers unmatched dynamic and unobstructed water views. SILVER SEA is an exclusive complex, its inspired design references the luxury of a cruise ship holiday. This stunning residence resembles a luxurious family stateroom, with 3 veranda decks open to sensational views of the permanent port of call, English Bay. The suite has a calming presence connected to elements, nature, and the lifestyle and movement of the seawall, marina, and False Creek. Find home in this extraordinary residence.


位於水邊的203 SILVER SEA, 具有動態和無阻的水景, 其設計體現了遊輪假期的奢華, 這座超凡的住宅類似豪華的家庭客艙, 設有3個陽台甲板, 可欣賞英吉利灣的壯麗景色, 3臥室3浴室, 私人電梯直接進入迎賓門廳, 精心裝飾, 是娛樂和日常生活的理想選擇, 寧靜自然的海灣與福溪的生活和運動息息相關, 緊鄰餐廳, 咖啡廳, 公園和休閒場所, 以一個非凡的住所作為家園!


“دریای نقره ای” نام بنایی بر جسته در کنار خلیج “فالس کریک” می باشد. طرح این سازه، با الهام از ساختار کشتی‌های تفریحی ، یاد آور روز‌های شاد و فرخنده است. این منزل نمایی پر جنب و جوش از آب، قدم گاهِ ساحلی و لنگرگاه قایق‌ها دارد که سرگرم کننده و آرام بخش است. با انتخاب این منزلِ بی‌همتا، سوار بر کشتی زندگی، عازم فصلی نو از خاطرات به یاد ماندنی شوید.


a neighbourhood to call home



edgemont village


The Village feels like most mountain resort towns as it sits beneath Grouse Mountain.

Edgemont Village is just minutes away from the Capilano Suspension Bridge and a perfect stop for lunch or dinner on your way to Grouse Mountain or the Salmon Hatchery. There are shops that specialize in the work of BC artisans, many fanciful cafes and plenty of great places for gift shopping.

Storekeepers know the names of their customers, parents and children stroll the sidewalks and benches are spread throughout the village to have a rest and soak it all in.

From the butcher to the baker and everything in between the village is a one-stop shop for all the local residents. One of the newest and nicest children’s playgrounds in the area is Murdo Fraser Park which also features tennis courts, a duck pond and a trail that leads up to Edgemont Village.

Multiple movies and TV shows are filmed in Murdo Fraser Park by the cabin near the duck pond, check out our ‘To Do’ page to see a list of them. Edgemont Village is also known for its mid-century modern architecture.


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